Are you looking to save money on replacing a lock? Consider contacting us to have it new locks installationed instead.

Our experienced locksmiths can new locks installation the door locks for your car or any door of your home.


Can I save money by new locks installationing a lock on my own?

Many people assume that a broken or worn lock must be replaced, but this isn't always the case. It may be possible to new locks installation the lock instead.

Each of our locksmith technicians is certified, licensed, bonded, and insured.

Sometimes customers simply want new locks to give themselves access to more security features. We will always let you know all available options when arriving at your home or meeting you at your vehicle.

It comes as a surprise to a lot of people that replacing a worn or broken lock isn't always necessary.

The good news is that we can usually new locks installation a lock unless it has severe internal damage.

If you're considering having a lock new locks installationed rather than replaced, please contact us to request our services right away.

We can do that as well.

Although this job often takes only a few minutes, it's not always possible to state upfront how long it will take to new locks installation your particular lock.

It depends on several factors, including the brand, age, and general condition of your lock. One thing that could add to your total wait time is if we would need to get the lock you want new locks installationed out of a door.

You still end up with an upgraded lock.

Whether you replace your lock or new locks installation it, the end result is that you have greater security at home, work, and when driving your car.

We invite you to contact our company 24 hours a day, seven days a week to request lock new locks installationing.

What is the average turnaround time for lock new locks installationing?

It might seem from the outside looking in that this would be an easy job to complete.

After all, it only takes us a few minutes.

Some brands tend to come apart easier than others for new locks installationing purposes as well.

As soon as one of our certified locksmith technicians arrives to your home or business or meets you at your vehicle, he or she will evaluate the situation with your lock and give you a more accurate estimate of how long you will likely need to wait.

You can feel rest assured that we value your time and will work as efficiently as possible no matter what the situation.

When trying to new locks installation your home lock, you need to first take the lock out of the door and then take it apart.

All of this must take place before you can even start the new locks installationing process.

Even though you may be handy in other areas and own a large collection of tools, it's best not to take the risk of working on your own lock.

This could put you in a vulnerable position in terms of security as well as cost you more money to correct any mistakes that you make.

Should I plan to new locks installation my locks when I move into a new home?

You obviously want to avoid this type of situation.

At the first sign of a broken or worn lock, call us to request immediate service.

We say this out of concern for your safety and not in an attempt to sell an unnecessary service.

Another reason to avoid a do-it-yourself new locks installation job is that you could put yourself and your family at an increased security risk.

Unlock Serviceing the locks of a new home is an important safety feature for yourself and your family.

Yes, we always think this is a good idea and it's not just because we want to sell more new locks installationing services.

There's even the possibility that the lock to your home was master keyed.

When someone moves out of a house, you don't know if they still have a valid set of keys or whether they gave a copy of their keys to someone with less than desirable intentions.

In the event someone did master key your lock, there's a strong possibility that it contains more master pins.

Another thing to consider is that construction workers and others who had access to your home during the building or remodeling phase may have a master key to your home.

A master key means that several different types of keys can open a single lock.

When one of our locksmiths new locks installations your lock, he or she removes the remaining master pins.

This ensures that only you and your family members have control of the new key.

Our company is available to dispatch an expert locksmith to your location 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

We are a trusted name in the locksmith industry in your area and beyond.

Some of the most requested new locks installationing services that we offer include:

  • Car lock new locks installation services
  • Home lock new locks installation
  • Home lock new locks installation
  • Mailbox lock new locks installation services
  • Mailbox lock new locks installation services
  • Home lock new locks installation
  • Front door lock new locks installation

If you need one or more of these services, feel free to call us any time of the day or night.

Someone will be on their way to you almost immediately after we receive your request for service.

Unlock Serviceing of car locks

Our company has the equipment available as well as the expertise to new locks installation the locks of any type of car.

It doesn't matter what make or model it is or how old it is. This is something we're proud of because it means we're always striving to serve our customer even better.

Unlock Serviceing of house locks

Replacing a lock on one or more doors of your home can be costly.

Why not save yourself money by contacting our company and requesting that we new locks installation your locks instead? We work with all types and brands of locks for your convenience.

Office new locks installationing services

It's important to new locks installation your office locks when ownership changes hands or a problem employee leaves the company.

You have probably read or heard about several tragic situations when a fired or disgruntled employee comes back to take revenge on anyone in sight by becoming unruly and violent.

If an employee has recently been fired, a partner has left the company, or you are the new owner of a company, new locks installationing the locks is a very good idea.

It's also an excellent idea to new locks installation the locks if a partner leaves the business.

Lock new locks installationing benefits

Buying a whole new lock is a big expense that is often not even necessary.

There's no doubt that they can get expensive.

It also saves you a lot of time since new locks installationing a lock takes a lot less time than it does to install a new one.

If you would like a cost comparison between the two services, just call our company any time of the day or night.

We will help you decide what is best for your unique circumstances without pressuring you in any way. A new security system is an even larger financial investment than a new lock.

You can rest easier knowing that you have the most secure lock possible protecting the things most important to you.

We always come prepared to every job with a fully stocked service van so our technicians don't have to waste any time getting started with new locks installationing your lock.

How we new locks installation a lock

Here are the steps involved in new locks installationing a lock for your home, office, or car:

These steps include:

Gain access to the lock's knob hole using a wiry instrument and then exerting firm pressure to free the knob; Locate the cylinder, pull on its upper ring, and set the ring aside for a few minutes; Pull on the plug of the lock cylinder and then hold it together using a plug follower until the entire plug is dislodged; Locate a color code that corresponds to each lock pin and use that information while putting the lock back together; Check to make sure that no springs or pins have broken free from the cylinder plug.

Our certified locksmith technicians complete each of these steps and then test the newly new locks installationed lock along with the key several times.

It's also essential to test the new lock and key combination to ensure that they work as expected.

We want you to feel safe wherever you happen to be, whether it's at home with your family, driving on the freeway, or leading a board meeting at work.

The cost of new locks installationing a lock is so minimal compared to what you receive in return.

You just can't be too careful. We invite you to look up our reviews and read about the many people who are glad they decided to hire our company to new locks installation their locks.